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List of unreleased content

Below is a list of all confirmed features and content that are unreleased.


General GameplayEdit

  • Myah, we ain't addin shit to our game! We tooks ya monies, honies, no offense!

Survival ModeEdit

  • Myah, survive the embrace of our dead game we'll never update again. Myah!

Player MechanicsEdit

  • Loneliness
  • "Myah" Meter
  • Despair


  • Adding a microtransaction shop to:
    • Enable the ability to give us feedback
    • Temporarily disable the "Myah" meter for $5 an hour in future updates, we need money on the game we didn't bother finishing!
    • Character customization! Add... some stickers... that are 5x5 pixels... onto your armor.


Tool & WeaponsEdit


Devices & StructuresEdit

  • Utility Objects (Doors, farming objects, robots)
  • Advanced Fortification Features (Cameras, Turret Pads, Surveillance System, etc)
  • Additional Light Sources [1]