Winch Gun

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Winch Gun
Icon winchgun.png
Basic Info
Type Tool
Resource Cost Unknown

The Winch Gun is a yet to be released construction tool. It can beam in objects or beam them out at great distances. The object you select will be displayed in hologram form near the handle. When you shoot it, it is transformed through the central tube and then beamed into the world. It also has a winch attached to the end of it. This will extend a fully physics based cable. You can wrap this cable around objects and pull them in or pull yourself up. Winch on the back of a vehicle and be pulled around. Tie two objects together. Or just hook on an object and swing across great gaps with it. The last component of the Winch gun is it's kicker. Once you pull an object in with the winch cable, you will be able to "boot" it back out at a very fast speed. This allows you to use the objects around you as ammunition.

Images[edit | edit source]

Winch gun preview1.jpg Winch gun preview2.jpg Winch gun preview3.jpg