Version 0.3.6

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Version 0.3.6 was a major patch released on May 26, 2013.

Forum Changelog

Features[edit | edit source]

  • Added Day/Night cycle
  • Added vehicles ('E' to enter/exit/flip)
    • First player to enter will be the driver
    • Can accomodate one other player as a passenger
    • Players can flip the vehicle back on it's wheels
    • Can be destroyed
  • Added new terrain to Creative Mode that will be better for driving around in
  • Added throwables ('G' to throw, 'H' to cycle to next type)
    • Frag grenades
    • Smoke grenades
    • Glowsticks

Changes[edit | edit source]

  • [F] toggles flashlight; other players can see you toggling it.
  • Updated to Unity 4
  • Complete project audit to clean it up and make it easier to work with
  • Significantly reduced memory usage:
    • Reduced texture resolutions as allowed
    • Removed unneeded assets so they aren't loaded
    • Compressed music, and decreased music bitrate
    • Assets are loaded when required, instead of at the beginning of the level
  • Improved clouds/sky
    • More volumetric look
    • Made prettier
  • Slightly improved UI
    • More obvious about what features are working or not
    • Improved visuals
  • Adjusted assets between the different playmodes so they're more extensible
  • Made some changes to the network code to allow for more complex interactions in multiplayer
  • Consolidated the confusing hotkey bars into a single bar
    • Players can assign weapons and cubes to a single hotkey bar
    • No more need to switch between "cube" and "weapons" mode - it's context sensitive based on what you have selected
  • Pallets have more realistic weights so they can be knocked around by shooting them, etc.
  • Completely reworked the inventory system for future expansion
  • Variety of wording changes on messages shown to the player
  • Tweaked settings for visuals when the player is hit/dead

Bug Fixes[edit | edit source]

  • Fixed a bunch of physics related bugs regarding "massless" items, such as the hologram when placing a turret
  • Improved the logic that occurs during a game restart to prevent a bunch of problems
  • Fixed some network code that was incorrect, but by luck, happened to be working as expected
  • Changed a lot of code so that actions (ie. Jumping, respawing) won't be occurring while the player is typing in chat
  • Fixed a variety things so the output log isn't full of useless spam
  • Fixed a bug that could cause seemingly random pieces of the game not to work correctly
  • Various minor bug fixes

Known Issues[edit | edit source]

  • Gun turret on vehicle doesn't function
  • Control scheme for throwables isn't ideal, will be changed in future update
  • Memory improvements aren't complete yet, more improvements coming
  • The UI seen in this update isn't the promised "dynamic UI", it's just a slight improvement of what was there already
  • Procedural weapons are currently non-functional