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Earth - Why we left[edit | edit source]

During the years 2073-2253 relative peace led humanity to divert most funds to deep space exploration and build small bases on the Moon and Mars. Yet earthquakes on Earth and her bases revealed that the Sun had fallen into a large, decaying orbit about a rogue black hole: estimates showed that tidal forces render the solar system uninhabitable within a millennium. The nations of Earth responded by creating the New Space Initiative: all available telescopes scanned the skies for new worlds while researchers scanned archives of currently known ones.

We found a habitable planet and called it Atlas in the hope that it would one day bear the Earth upon its shoulders. Scientists meanwhile discovered how to travel at near light speed, but the planet was still too far away to reach even in our medically-extended lifetimes. Earth levied massive hoards of equipment and armament from every corporation on Earth--among these robots to seed the land with common trees, grasses, food, and shrubs--and sent them to Atlas on huge freighters to prepare the planet for colonization. Beside the bulging crates lay data disks that contained all the knowledge of mankind.

Advance freighters sent superluminal messages that their supplies were disappearing. Details were sparse, but seemingly intelligent creatures appeared to be taking them; many supplies disappeared during the journey for unknown reasons. The flow of supplies continued lest the work on Atlas be lost.

Ere millennium a somber Earth stood beneath a shadow of death atop the quaking ground: one who was maimed and thrown into the sea would have been more fortunate than to live through what was to come. Yet down from the heavens of invention rode a savior: a warp drive whereby humanity could instantaneously traverse the depths of space.

In 3085, you have already left Earth, chosen by lot to prepare the way for others as a scout. Countless others travel with you on massive Lifeships, dreaming in their cryogenic sleep of waking to a second chance. You lose contact with the Lifeships soon after being sent ahead. Unexpected atmospheric turbulence hits most scouts, scatters everyone and everything, and wrecks most of what you'd carried. After planet fall, your one goal now is to survive the new planet and ensure humanity's survival. Whatever it takes, you must now face the unknown alone...

Atlas - A Planetary Study[edit | edit source]

Gravity: 0.9468g

Mean Radius: 6584km

Mass: 1.00707Earth

Atmospheric Composition:

97% Earth Density

76.68% Nitrogen

21.25% Oxygen

1.04 Argon

0.023 Carbon Dioxide

~1% Water Vapor (depends on climate)

~.001% Unknown

Atlas is on the edge of the Orion Star Cluster. Its orbit in the life bearing zone of its sun and Earth-like gravity and atmosphere made it a prime candidate for colonization.

Atlas has one moon, which seems to have collided with a very large object during the near past. This impact sheared off large chunks and hurtled many pieces into unstable orbits around Atlas that are still hitting the planet. The orbit of the moon itself requires closer long-term observation.

Among the fauna (animals) of Atlas are several numerous and highly viscious species. The Leech is most common and seems to come in many different forms; this highly territorial creature often builds underground homes that seem to be most concentrated around high density mineral and metal deposits. Little more is known.

The planet seemingly being untouched by resource gathering and one thousand years of resources from Earth yet arriving provide all necessary materials for rebuilding civilization. The resources that the moon's sheared-off pieces constantly deposit require further study; landed pieces helping to create near-surface mineral and metal deposits. These will be easy to access provided you can get past the creatures that congregate near them.

Survivor Database - Messages From Atlas[edit | edit source]

"Atlas, a place of refuge and a place of horror. If only we knew exactly what was in store for us we may have reconsidered. I am now inclined to believe the rumors that we may have sent ships to other planets - why pick so harsh a place as our best hope for survival..." - Survivor #1185 - Cause of death - Torn to shreds by the Leech.

"If anyone hears this. I built a tower. I built refuge. Come seek me, coordinates, 42,33,535 Zone 853. I will play this message until my generator dies." - Survivor #8233 - Alive

"Today I found a strange artifact and brought it home. It had interesting designs on it and is warm to the touch." - Survivor #3253 - Cause of Death - Unknown.

"It is amazing. My fortress walls extend as far as the eye can see." - Survivor #952 - Alive

"This world is deep. I lost my best friend in a hole yesterday. His screams echoed as he was swallowed whole by some sort of madness beneath the surface." - Survivor #434 - Alive

"Help! I am trapped. I can smell them... If I stay silent they won't hear me." - Survivor #43 - Cause Of Death - Starvation

"Perhaps peace will come. I remain deep in the woods. Their screams are loud but comforting." - Survivor #523 - Alive

"I enjoy the storms. It is time I bathed in nature. Atlas, how I love your beauty and grace." - Survivor #963 - Cause of Death - Torn to shreds by Unknown.