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List of turrets

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There are currently two types of turrets in the game, those being Ranged and Melee turrets. All turrets require power to function.

Ranged[edit | edit source]

Laser Turret[edit | edit source]

Icon laserturret.png Main Article: Laser Turret

A stationary turret that fires lasers at anything within its range, even through walls.

Rocket Turret[edit | edit source]

Icon rocketturret.png Main Article: Rocket Turret

Just like the laser turret, except it fires rockets.

Melee[edit | edit source]

Slammer Turret[edit | edit source]

Icon slammer.png Main Article: Slammer Turret

This is a stationary spinning metal pole that slams into anything that steps into its radius, be it player, vehicle, or Leech.

L-Slammer Turret[edit | edit source]

Icon lshapeslammer.png Main Article: L-Slammer Turret

A larger version of the slammer turret.

Vertical Slammer Turret[edit | edit source]

Icon slammer.png Main Article: Vertical Slammer Turret

Does not currently do anything other than spin in a relatively useless way.