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Forging Terminal
Forging Panel.jpg
Basic Info
Type Utility
Resource Cost 300 Stone, 300 Iron Ore

The Forging Terminal allows players to craft items. Crafting items requires you to process resources you have gathered from the world, be within the Forging Terminal's radius, and have the necessary skills to do so. The Forging Terminal does not require power to function.


[edit] Forging

Stand in front of the Forging Terminal while the required resources are within it's range. Press the Tab key and right click on an item to open the Forge/Recycle menu. Clicking and holding the left mouse button on Forge will allow you to drag the item to the left or right until the desired quantity is displayed. When forging, an infobox will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of the screen to indicate how many resources are required for a single item.

Once an item has been set to forge a hologram of the item will appear over the Forging Terminal. When the item is finished crafting the hologram will move to the player, adding the item to your inventory when it reaches you.

[edit] Recycling

The Forging Terminal can be used to recycle items turning them back into resources. Right click them in the crafting menu and select recycle.

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Screenshot of Forging Terminal Screenshot preview of the new forging menu
Forging Panel.jpg Screenshot New Forging Menu Preview.png

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